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  • 1.  To be an organization in which every member is driven by a commitment to achieve Customer       Delight through continuous improvement in our processes, products, and services.
  • 2.  To be an organization with tremendous internal strengths of Employee Satisfaction, Productivity, and       Profitability.
  • 3.  To be an organization that provides to the market, products of high quality at fair prices.


POLICY To Provide Customers, Products and Services, which more than meet their requirements and expectations.
OBJECTIVES To build so much confidence in our customers as to create a clear preference for “TEKNIC” Products.To achieve “100% Right”, first time and every time
COMMITMENT To comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System, and to continually improve its effectiveness through total involvement of all the members of the organization including our suppliers.

TEKNIC was established in 1971 as a small plastic processing unit, supplying engineering plastic components to PHILIPS India. Ever since, the company has developed expertise in the following faculties:-

TOOL ROOM : We manufacture Tools used for making precision plastic/metal components, both at Bombay as well as Bangalore. The Tool Rooms are equipped with modern machines including precision lathes, spark erosion, milling, grinding machines etc. The Tool Rooms are used to repair/maintain, as well as make new tools for various products developed by the company.

PROCESSING OF ENGINEERING PLASTICS : We manufacture precision plastic components, both thermoplastic and thermoset, mainly for use in our own products. The raw materials processed are all the known Engineering Plastics:


MANUFACTURING ACTIVITY : Having developed an in-house expertise in processing of engineering components and Control & Signalling Devices, we decided in 1989, to enter into the field of electromechanical products. At Teknic Electromeconics Private Limited, Bangalore, we manufacture electro-mechanical devices, such as Circuit Breakers for Equipment (CBE), Micro Switches, Rocker Switches, Slide Switches, and Terminals for application in all kinds of Electrical and Electronic Circuits. We also manufacture a number of customer specific products for appliances.

In all our manufacturing activities at Mumbai and Bangalore, we employ in all approximately 400 persons and have an annual turnover of around Rs.750 million.

MARKETING : The company has followed a careful marketing policy. Personal visits to customers all over India to demonstrate the technical features of our products, systematic advertising, participation in Trade Fairs have enabled us to popularise our products amongst a large cross section of clientele in India and also abroad including manufacturers of the following:

  • 1. Instrument / Electrical Control Panel Manufacturers.
  • 2. Electrical and Electronics equipment including, Household Appliances, Office Automation      equipment, etc..
  • 3. Machine Tools.
  • 4. Textile Machinery.
  • 5. Printing Machinery.
  • 6. Packaging Machinery.
  • 7. Medical Equipment.
  • 8. Cement Plants.
  • 9. Medical Equipment.
  • 10. Cement Plants.
  • 11. Material handling equipment. 

Our customers are serviced by an all India marketing network. We have our own offices/representative/distributor organisations throughout India and abroad.